I’m the one you text and call when things aren’t going quite right;
I’m the one who’s there when it’s late or when you have no-one else that night;
I’m the one who is nearby when you feel you want someone close;
We laugh, we drink and chat about life when you need that happiness dose.

But I’m not the winner,
I’m not the winner;
I’ve never been the winner;
Just the close second.

Present to me your red ribbon so I can remember this place again;
Congratulations. You’ve tried your best, “It’s better for us to be friends”;
I’m stuck in competition repetition. I’ve played on this board before;
It’s time to change the game completely as it’s something I can’t ignore.

Because I am the winner,
I am the winner,
I’ve always been the winner;
Never forgotten for a second.


** Photo by DAVIDCOHEN on Unsplash