Lock Down

Whilst the COVID-19 lockdown is a consideration just around the corner, my mind has already been racing with ideas on how to fill in the time. For me, three to four weeks in isolation at my apartment sounds like a holiday, not a prison sentence.

As an introvert, I am secretly looking forward to the announcement. And not completely for the reasons you are thinking.

Firstly, to protect and save our elderly parents, grand parents and great grandparent’s health and lives. Secondly, to contain the spread and starve the deadly virus by reducing the numbers. And finally, to get stuff done. All the things I have wanted to do, in my own time frame, with no distraction.

There are noticeably a handful of individuals who are anxious and scared of the times that lay ahead. I have watched the panic buying of toilet paper, cleaning products, rice and pasta which have left the supermarket shelves bare. It seems that I have been filling my brain with other ideas as I have only bought enough food to last me 2-3 weeks max. The same as any other grocery shop.

Here are some of the ideas I have for when we go into lockdown. Each activity could be done within 20-60 minutes each day. Typically, I have 12 hours to fill in (7am-11pm), which doesn’t include eating or bathroom time.

Read the stockpile of books

I am very good at reading a book and giving it away or passing it onto a friend. I also collect books from friends after they have read theirs. Here are the unfinished books I currently have in my apartment.

A Beautiful Life – Spiritual Wisdom for Everyday Living – Sri Avinash Do

Journey to the Dark Goddess – How to Return to Your Soul – Jane Meredith

Giver of Stars – The Number One Best Seller – Jo Jo Moyes

Tribe of Mentors – Short Life Advice from the Best in the World – Timothy Ferris

Solve for Happy – Engineer Your Path to Joy – Mo Gawdat

Drink Copious Cups of Tea

I’m looking forward to finishing a cup while it’s still hot. I often drink cold cups of tea at work because I’ve been too busy concentrating on other things. Oh, wait a second….I’ll be right back. I’m going to boil the kettle!

Clear out the Wardrobe

I will have time to try on all my clothes and sort out the wardrobe. Anything that doesn’t fit (too big or too small) will be bagged up and donated to charity.

Grow my own Vegetables from the Kitchen Scraps

Now more than ever, instead of throwing out my vegetable scraps, I will replant and regrow! Maybe I will have some fresh veges in a few weeks.

Unclutter Everything                                

Everyday a new cupboard will be chosen. I will pull everything out and re-stack or unclutter. Starting in the bedroom, moving into the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, lounge and laundry.

Commit to the 21-Day Mediation Challenge

Here’s one that was emailed to me by my sister-in-law. All I have to do is sign up and away I go. Meditation – https://chopracentermeditation.com/

Finish the 30-Day Abs Workout

I downloaded the app a while ago and got sidetracked. Ok lazy. Yes, I got lazy. Time to get back on track. Each workout is less than 15 minutes. I just looked and I stopped at day 7. Perhaps I will start again from the beginning.

Take a course online

My idea of fun is Mimo: Learn to Code. I have already downloaded the app and finished a few of the challenges. Other suggestions could be learn a language or Sign Language.

Make a meal using six ingredients

I eat simply most of the time. But now I can learn new ways of cooking with limited ingredients. http://www.foodwise.com.au/recipe-room/our-recipe-finder/

Digitalise Photos

I grew up in an era before smart phones and; therefore, I have a box with thousands of printed photographs. Childhood pictures, my overseas trip to Europe at 19 and the drive through the outback from the East Coast to the West Coast of Australia. There are hundreds of hours right here to digitalise old photos and then back up on my external hard drive.

Self Care

It’s simple. I just found a whole lot of time for myself. First thing’s first, wake up and drink a glass of water and continue throughout the day.

Once a week, facial. I remember as a child making my own face mask with general household ingredients such as egg yolks and/or oatmeal. https://www.thehealthy.com/beauty/face-body-care/homemade-facial-masks-recipes/

Piano Practice

Find a song on Youtube, learn it and add it to the repertoire.

Sketch and Draw

I should be able to find a sketch pad in the cupboard somewhere. I have plenty of items around my apartment that I can sketch. My plants on the balcony, the bookshelf or the half empty fruit bowl. It’s been a long time since art school. Roughly twenty something years ago. I might have to brush up my skills on shape, shadows and shading.

Spring Clean

This isn’t a quick whip around. I am thinking of dusting and wiping all the baseboards, tops of cupboards and the fridge. One room per day.

Walks and Bike Rides

Anytime of the of the day. This sounds wonderful.

Travel Blogs

I have been meaning to write about all the countries and places I have visited. These are some of the semi-recent trips that are currently missing; New Zealand, Tasmania, The Australian Outback, Canada, United States of America and The United Kingdom. Read more of my travel stories here: http://www.fearandfortitude.com/category/travel-bug/

Whatever it is you decide to do in your time of lockdown; make the most of it. This probably won’t happen again in our lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice to look back and see fun and happy memories rather than panic and worry.

Take care of yourself.

bgadke77 ♥

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash