in the moment

Thank you. To him. The universe. Myself.

Feeling things I hadn’t for such a long time. He approached. He propositioned. I hesitated. The most handsome man in the room. The one that caught my eye the moment I walked in. Was I pretty enough? His type? Too old?

The walls crash down around me. The closeness. Skin touching skin. The kiss. Gentle. Warm. Soft. Passionate. The perfect kiss. The one you dream about. We lay there. He pulled me in. Close against his chest. Nestled under his arm. Perfect fit.

I smile from the inside out. We fall asleep. I wake. Feet still touching. Legs entwined. I roll over. He wakes. Pulls me in. Body heat. Arms wrapped around. Holding me tight. Safe.

Time stands still. Captured. Captivated. That one moment. Fulfilled.