If you really knew me, you would know;

  • I choose my music by listening to the words.
  • I only open up to those who are close to me and whom I trust.
  • Sunday is the day I enjoy most. I refer to it as #sundayfunday or #noundiesundie. It’s the only day that I don’t have to do anything.
  • My love for animals is intense and it tears me up inside every time I make the connection with the food on my plate.
  • Jewellery is not the perfect gift. The perfect gift is something practical that I can use everyday like a pen, a notepad or a new pair of running shoes.
  • You can take me to dinner at a fancy restaurant although I would feel more comfortable on a picnic blanket, eating pizza, looking up at the stars.
  • My freedom is; a road trip, the outdoors, having no plans, time on my own, listening to music, running, swimming, travelling or trekking to a waterfall.
  • I act tough and confident, however I am not.
  • I would prefer to see a garden of colour than be given a bouquet of flowers that are just going to wilt and die.
  • Mostly, I feel more comfortable surrounded by animals or children.
  • Summer is when I am happiest. Winter is when I am more solemn.
  • Parties, crowded areas and meeting new people is overwhelming and scary.
  • Sleeping is my favourite pastime. It is the only time I can truly stop thinking. The ultimate bliss is being able to go to sleep without the need to set an alarm.
  • Sunset is my favourite time of day. I can reflect on what I achieved in the day and it is a reminder that I can always try again tomorrow.
  • I am not a fan of shopping just for something to do. I shop when I need something in particular. Then it is in and out the fastest way possible.
  • A hot bath, a meal, some alone time and a  sleep will fix almost all my moods and gets me back on track.
  • When watching a movie, I will cry. Guaranteed. Probably more than once. There is something inside me that sees and feels the sadness and suffering.
  • Being self sufficient is a personal trait. I do not know how or why. I just am.
  • My mind is never made up quickly. It takes time to process all the pros and cons. I will get flustered if you push me for an immediate answer.
  • I always take the window seat to stare out and let my mind drift away for a while.
  • I am competitive. If I can’t compete I probably won’t participate.
  • Deep conversations of thought and conspiracy is what I prefer rather than rumours or small talk.
  • Eventually I will do all the things I say I will. Everything is on my to-do list.
  • I want to believe in fairy tales, unicorns, fairies and magic.

bgadke77 ♥