fantasy world

She closes her eyes and dreams of him.

There they are alone in his bedroom after all this time. Something she has been waiting for and imagining for what feels like days, months, forever. Maybe her entire adult life. They stand at the edge of the bed facing each other. Kissing. His body heat is comforting. She invites his tongue in her mouth and gives him hers. Warm, soft, passionate kisses. His hands feel their away across her body. From the neck, to the shoulders, down her back and he pulls her even closer. She wonders if it’s anyway possible to be closer? He slowly and carefully starts to undress her.

She feels safe and is ready to present her body. He has already seen parts of her soul and because he is still wanting to be there, she begins to trust and lets him take some of the control. Deep down she likes it when a man wants her for her. Her body, her mind, her soul.

Her clothes fall to the floor. Everything is now out there for him to see. He tells her that she is beautiful. In that moment she becomes shy but remembers that he actually really means it. He continues to kiss her on her neck and towards her breasts. She breathes deeply and exhales.. like she is giving in to him. The feelings she has are building. It feels like her heartbeat quickens and her blood temperature rises. The tingling in her body reminds her of things she can not do to herself when she is alone.

He moves down her body to her stomach gently kissing as he goes. She feels his warm breath. He goes down towards her thighs. She stops him. She pushes him towards the bed so they can lay down. It is his turn.

He lays on his back and she jumps on top of him. She undresses him slowly with a cheeky grin. T-shirt, pants, jocks. Gone. Now it is even. She quickly looks over his naked body without him noticing. Then she begins to kiss his mouth, his face, his neck, his shoulders, across his chest, down his stomach and down to find his semi erect penis. She wonders if he has been holding back? She wants to please him. She wants him to want her even more.

She stays there until he tells her to stop. Before it’s too late. She giggles. Stops. Then starts again for a second and stops. She climbs up on top of him. He looks relieved and then smiles, “that was close” he says.  This moment. This one. Right here. The moment where she decides to give him her all. His hands grab her thighs and pull her in.

She falls and lays on top of him across his chest with her head to the side. Momentarily out of breath. Exhausted. It felt so good. More than she imagined. She smiles to herself which he cannot see. If this is what happiness is, she wants it. All. The. Time. He runs his fingertips across her back. Goosebumps. Too much sensation all at once. The tingling still has not receded.

They lay there silently for a while and the silence is broken when he speaks to her. “You know, you’re such a beautiful woman. I feel like the luckiest man in the world right now.” Without moving, she smiles and says thanks because she doesn’t know what else to say. She likes him. She really likes him and I think he really likes her too.