darkest days


This is for the light you could not see.

What I loved most was our connection. Deeper on levels that others may not ever experience or understand. We shared the same quirky sense of humour and cared little for fitting in with everyone else. We were our own little storm in a teacup.

Your mismatched earrings, your jumpsuit on backwards, a doona onsie and a photo of your tattoo with socks and thongs blurred below. Nobody rocked that shit like you did.

I scrolled through all the photos of us today. They were some seriously good times. Even when times were tough we smiled and goofed around. It’s what I loved most about you. About us.

In that one small instance you couldn’t see the light. I know how brave you’ve been taking each day as it came. There are many who didn’t make it as far as you did. I’m sorry you had to let go. I hope you know I was there by your side. It was tough to see you stuck in limbo. Selfishly I wanted you back, then realising that if you wanted to go I should let you. I hope you feel no more pain and found your peace of mind.

Deep down I know in this life you wanted to feel good, to get better. I just know it. If you could see how much love and joy you gave to us maybe you may have stayed just a while longer. It’s okay my friend. Everything is going to be okay.

Please know that you are in my thoughts today and every day to follow. You brightened some of my darkest days.

I love and miss you my quirky, funny, cheeky and dear friend.


** cover Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash