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Deep Reflections

Love Story

Oh girl, don’t be sad! Remember all the devine times that you had, When you said, “I love you” and it was returned, This is the love story that you’ve always yearned. Your hair was so much shorter back then, It’s grown, as have you, my beautiful friend, Keep remembering those intimate nights, and how …

Deep Reflections


Never have you lived a dull life. You’ve felt the depths of darkness. You’ve sat beneath the sunniest of skies. You’ve seen the angelical glow that glimmers ahead without quite catching the light. Constantly trying to untwist your over-analytical mind. Be patient. Your time will come. bgadke77 ♥ Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Deep Reflections

Second Best

I’m the one you text and call when things aren’t going quite right; I’m the one who’s there when it’s late or when you have no-one else that night; I’m the one who is nearby when you feel you want someone close; We laugh, we drink and chat about life when you need that happiness …

Deep Reflections


Let me sleep and never wake allow the darkness to swallow me in There is no light for me to take I just want the world to go dim Remove the colour from my eyes for they no longer see Rip my heart open and let my body bleed bgadke77 ♥ ** Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

selfish thoughts
Deep Reflections

Selfish Thoughts

When the sun rises in the morning and the light opens your eyes that you roll over and realise it should be me laying by your side When the moon is high in the sky lighting up the world below catching a glimpse of a shooting star, that you make a wish for us; wherever you are When …

Deep Reflections

Cruel to a heart

Every minute feels like an hour Every day feels like years Time can be so cruel to a heart I’ve lost count on all my tears. Every memory feels like a dream My past seems so far away Moving forward can be so cruel to a heart When I wish the moment would stay. Every …

Deep Reflections


The solar system is linked to make one, everything inside unites, even the sun. The universe tends to hold us together, and gravity will hold us close forever. bgadke77 ♥ Photo by Greg Raines on Unsplash

fallen leaves
Deep Reflections


Hope is like leaves on a tree there are thousands of them Every time a leaf falls to the ground I am letting go of another hope After a while when all the leaves have fallen there will be no hope left That’s when I will be willing and able to truly move on bgadke77 …

Deep Reflections


There’s a place in my heart that is yours alone; a part of my life no one else can own. The tears in my eyes I can hide away; the mark on my soul will forever remain. bgadke77 ♥ ** Photo by Gabe Rebra on Unsplash

if only
Deep Reflections

If Only

If only I had my chance again I would have; Kissed you for that moment longer at the alter Held you closer in times that mattered Said that I loved you louder than ever before Forgotten the things that didn’t really matter Been more proud of who you are and what you meant to me …

the way things are
Deep Reflections

The way things are

I’m not scared of the dark but I sleep with the light on low to feel the warm glow. I’m not afraid of the water but I sit on the creek’s edge to watch the constant flow. I’m not hiding from the light but I sleep during the day to re-energise my soul. I’m not …

Deep Reflections

Let me be Silent

Take me far from here Let my mind drift away for a while Let the air I breathe release me Let the blood drain from my heart I don’t want to feel, let me be numb Take the sadness from my soul Remove the blue from my eyes Let me drown in my tears Release …

one of a kind
Deep Reflections

One of a Kind

You can search all over the world for another love like ours, but this would be impossible for you to find because our love is unique; That is, unparalleled, or being only one of a kind.  bgadke77 ♥ ** Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash