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a moment in time
Deep Reflections

A moment in time

I am always drawn back to you. The magnetism is so powerful. I can never pull away. The calmness I contain when we are together is comforting. It’s a peaceful place. In that specific moment of time, my perfect little world, I try to notice all the beautiful things to remember for later. The way it feels to hold your …

to the little girl inside
Deep Reflections

To the little girl inside

I am here for you. I will stand up for you when you are not strong or brave enough.I will be your voice.I will hold you hand when you are afraid.I will be the one you can talk to when everything seems so difficult.I shall protect your heart.I will be your 3am phone call.I will lift you up when you …

Deep Reflections


I try to imagine the passion Of our next encounter when it happens It’s really got me thinking about the night’s we’ve gone drinking Drove the city and ended kissing in your kitchen But it’s been a week now And I’m trying to figure out how How to get you back into my bed quicker somehow I know, you know, …

Deep Reflections


This city is all just noise I will drown it out The lights are blinding my eyes This person I’m being is a disguise This feeling I’m feeling I know the reason Take me back to the country Return myself to me Leave this place for a while Remember who I am I’ll be back one day soon After I …

what if
Deep Reflections

What If

What if we just let go of our fears, What if we didn’t overthink our ideas, What if we enjoyed the moment of now, What if we could just let go somehow. What if there’s more than what we see, What if our lives were filled with possibility, What if we forget the counting of time, What if we knew …

out of reach
Deep Reflections


Mumma, can you hear me? I’m not doing so good I’m trying to be strong I’m trying not to cry I don’t want another unhappy day to pass me by. Mumma, are you there? I’m struggling right now Don’t let me fall Help me get back on my feet I don’t want another day to be anything but upbeat. I …

random thoughts
Deep Reflections


A million thoughts and ideas, in no particular order, as random as they come to mebgadke77 ♥ *** Oh, let me dream Of another life where you chose me; While people sleep, we kiss on the streetDiscussing life and all that it means; It feels so real;It felt so real;It isn’t real Or is it? *** Cheeky smilesThe stairwellThat kissThose nightsEscape …

Deep Reflections

Love Story

Oh girl, don’t be sad!Remember all the devine times that you had,When you said, “I love you” and it was returned,This is the love story that you’ve always yearned. Your hair was so much shorter back then,It’s grown, as have you, my beautiful friend;Keep remembering those intimate nights,and how they seemed to fit so perfectly right. You were blessed with …

Deep Reflections


Never have you lived a dull life;You’ve felt the depths of darkness;You’ve sat beneath the sunniest of skies;You’ve seen the angelical glow that glimmers ahead without quite catching the light;Constantly trying to untwist your over-analytical mind;Be patient;Your time will come. bgadke77 ♥ Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Deep Reflections

Second Best

I’m the one you text and call when things aren’t going quite right;I’m the one who’s there when it’s late or when you have no-one else that night;I’m the one who is nearby when you feel you want someone close;We laugh, we drink and chat about life when you need that happiness dose. But I’m not the winner,I’m not the …

Deep Reflections


Driving into the dark Headlights on, refusing to see The road is unrecognisable On a familiar road Music plays No thoughts No emotion Numb Staring blankly ahead Driving Nowhere to go Empty Drained bgadke77♥

Deep Reflections


Let me sleep and never wake;Allow the darkness to swallow me in;There is no light for me to take,I just want the world to go dim;Remove the colour from my eyes,For they no longer see;Rip my heart open,and let my body bleed. bgadke77 ♥ ** Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

selfish thoughts
Deep Reflections

Selfish Thoughts

When the sun rises in the morning and the light opens your eyes that you roll over and realise it should be me laying by your side When the moon is high in the sky lighting up the world below you catch a glimpse of a shooting star and make a wish for us wherever you are When you’re out and …

Deep Reflections

Cruel to a Heart

Every minute feels like an hour Every day feels like years Time can be so cruel to a heart I’ve lost count on all my tears. Every memory feels like a dream My past seems so far away Moving forward can be so cruel to a heart When I wish the moment would stay. Every word sounds like a lie …