beyond brisbane

There is only so much city life that this former country girl can handle. At times I feel trapped between the monotony of cemented pavement, skyscrapers, schedules and household chores.

Sunday is the day I feel it most. I need a break away on an exciting adventure to re-energise my soul before the week begins. Even if it’s an hour’s drive from Brisbane city, it’s far enough to feel freedom. Freedom from my thousands of unfinished thoughts. Freedom from the busyness city living tends to bring. That wide open space, pale blue sky, narrow country roads lined by a barbed wire fence and eucalyptus trees delivers a sense of serenity and clarity.

Keen to go somewhere different every time, today’s impromptu road trip led me south from Brisbane to Rathdowney and Mt Barney National Park. I have visited the general area previously but was going on the advice of a friend who was telling me about a secret waterfall. Secret? How is any waterfall a secret if it’s on the internet?

Driving in the general direction and doing a little bit of prior internet research, I realised I hadn’t left early enough to find the waterfall which was potentially; a five hour return hike. Apparently there is a small rock formation marking the point where you get off the track and hump through the bush until you reach the creek. Ha! Next time for sure.

Did I feel disappointed? No, not at all. Why? There are no expectations on #sundayfunday. Everything that is about to happen is a new experience. An opportunity to take unique photos, relax, unwind, do as little or as much as you want. Chill, without sweating the small stuff.

I look out the window to see farmlands in the foreground and cloud kissed mountains in the background. There are month old foals frolicking around their mothers and different breeds of cattle grazing in their paddocks. I smile as I spot a country kid in her gumboots and swimmers outside the front of the farmhouse playing. Not much further down the road is a country girl wearing Wrangler jeans with her Akubra hat and cowboys boots walking out from the general store. This is exactly how it should be.

Turn right onto Boonah-Rathdowney Road. Then turn left about 8kms along onto Upper Logan Road. Follow the signs to Yellow Pinch was the only directions needed.

After travelling over a few causeways the road narrows and turns to gravel leaving a trail of road dust. This is the ultimate sign of successfully being in the country. Up ahead is a low level bridge crossing across a gorgeous creek. The water is so clear and abundantly flowing. I was certain there would be platypus. I stopped to check knowing it was wishful thinking. Perhaps if I had sit still for long enough on the creek’s edge there could have been a chance.

Yellow Pinch car park is where the trails start from. The picnic and barbeque area is taken up by a group of people, who in my mind, are also escaping the city. After a quick pit stop and checking out the information board the hike starts by trekking up a steep incline. This is the part of the process that I love most. The part where my mind starts making excuses as to why it’s a bad idea.

“You didn’t bring enough water. What if you run out?”

“You sure that injury you’ve been carrying for the past few weeks is going to hold up?”

“When you said a walk, is this really what you were imagining?”

“Who on earth says this is actually relaxing and fun?”

After listening to this for maybe five minutes my heart starts chiming in with all the reasons why I should.

“One day you won’t be able to walk so let’s do this today!”

“What if on top of that hill is the most amazing view over the valley below?”

“You brought me all this way and now you don’t want to play?”

After thirty minutes of trudging up the mountain the most magical view presented itself. All the mountains in the background were being hugged by the clouds. I felt among nature, like I was really in it, experiencing the world’s greatest gifts.

There wouldn’t be many others who experienced this view today.  It’s a humble feeling of being at one with nature and free from life’s monotony.

Heart was right. On top of that mountain there was the most amazing view over the valley below and so much more…

bgadke77 ♥

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash