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over the rainbow
The Blurb

Over the Rainbow

…..continuation of The Other Side of the World I lived in Toronto, Canada for almost a year. I arrived in the summertime of 2018. I’ve seen and felt the seasons in full circle. The sunshine and fun of summer, the coloured leaves of fall, the purity of snow in winter and the beautiful bounce back …

Lock Down
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Look forward to Lockdown

Whilst the COVID-19 lockdown is a consideration just around the corner, my mind has already been racing with ideas on how to fill in the time. For me, three to four weeks in isolation at my apartment sounds like a holiday, not a prison sentence. As an introvert, I am secretly looking forward to the …

Deep Reflections

Love Story

Oh girl, don’t be sad! Remember all the devine times that you had, When you said, “I love you” and it was returned, This is the love story that you’ve always yearned. Your hair was so much shorter back then, It’s grown, as have you, my beautiful friend, Keep remembering those intimate nights, and how …

other side of the world
The Blurb

The Other Side of the World

Part of me was running away. I needed to be far away from what I have always known. I wanted to be on my own. The other part was fulfilling childhood dreams and curiosities. This was the reason for moving to the other side of the world. The process to move to Canada took six …

after the rain
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After the Rain

The words ‘after the rain’ typically means that once an event is over there is a sense or feeling of new, fresh and clean. However, I am still feeling awash. How much rain is it going to take? In the days and month’s leading up to my mother’s death, it could have rained every single …

Havana Sunset
Travel Bug

Colourful Cuba

I am not entirely sure what my attraction to Cuba has been for all these years. Perhaps it was the idea of not being able to get into USA if you had a Cuban immigration stamp. Maybe it was the photographs of classic cars and the colourful buildings or the beautiful white sand beaches with …

Deep Reflections


Never have you lived a dull life. You’ve felt the depths of darkness. You’ve sat beneath the sunniest of skies. You’ve seen the angelical glow that glimmers ahead without quite catching the light. Constantly trying to untwist your over-analytical mind. Be patient. Your time will come. bgadke77 ♥ Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Deep Reflections

Second Best

I’m the one you text and call when things aren’t going quite right; I’m the one who’s there when it’s late or when you have no-one else that night; I’m the one who is nearby when you feel you want someone close; We laugh, we drink and chat about life when you need that happiness …

time wasting technology
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Time Wasting Technology

Be aware of how you spend your time. Recently I noticed how I spend a lot of time on my mobile phone with mind-numbing activities. Playing games, reading so-called “news” items or scrolling through Instagram and Facebook instead of feeding myself with useful and informative information which would be pointing me in the right direction …

just drive
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Freedom is

Driving on an open road A quiet mind No schedules Time by myself Alarm free mornings A one way ticket Singing in the car Walking through the forest Reading all day Flying above the clouds Sand between my toes Travelling alone Handing in my resignation A long hot bath Having nothing to do To me, …

giants causeway
The Blurb

Life Lessons at Forty

Be Reliable. It’s sexy. There are very few people in this world that are reliable. People who call or message when they say they will. Who rarely change plans last minute. Who say they are there for you and really are. Be that person. Keep your promises. Be reliable, it’s sexy. The world needs more …

darkest days
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Darkest Days

** Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash This is for the light you could not see. What I loved most was our connection. Deeper on levels that others may not ever experience or understand. We shared the same quirky sense of humour and cared little for fitting in with everyone else. We were our own little storm in …

Myanmar Monks
Travel Bug

Myanmar Magic

For anyone who has ever known me well enough could describe me as a control freak, organiser extraordinaire, a meticulous planner, a follower to a set of rules or norms. Pretty much anything but spontaneous or free spirited. I had always wanted to be more carefree and less “planned” however, it felt like if I …

vietnam boys riding home from school
Travel Bug

Vivacious Vietnam

“If I could live above the clouds, life would always be sunny.” I’ve had this thought from childhood after being on an airplane soaring high above the clouds. Sunniness to me resembles happiness, a brighter mood, an upbeat feeling, a warm glow and smiles from the soul projecting outwards. Today, I am above the clouds …

Travel Bug

Vietnam Cycling Adventure

  Hanoi – 06 November Arrival Day.. After exiting the airport I am taken to my hotel by a private transfer. On arrival, I am given keys to my room and I dump my bags, get changed and head out into this crazy city. It’s so full of life. Streets are lined with people and …