another dimension

As the daylight hours pass her by, she finally stops being productive and conscientious. She lies down across her bed to forget about her life as she knows it. In this moment all the thinking and planning for the future is put to rest and her mind is able to drift off to another dimension. A dimension she is unable to create in real life. It is her fantasy world of love, lust and desire. She smiles. This is a place she likes to visit. She knows she should visit here more often.

She is never alone in her world of fantasy. Creating moments and scenarios that arouses her soul. She yearns to be touched. To be held. To be close. To feel the body heat of another. For whispers in her ear. For the kisses.

Her fantasies tend to cross over from parts of her real life. She met a man. He is super intelligent. Captivating. Every time he speaks she is drawn to him just a little bit more. Those eyes are so blue and clear. The kind of hair that she just wants to run her hands through continuously. It is imprinted in her mind.

The fantasy begins…..

She is excited as he has found a few hours from his busy schedule to set aside for her. She is on her way to meet him in a secluded park filled with the greenest of grass, shadiest of trees and birds singing in the branches. As she arrives and walks towards him she can feel the weight of his stare. She smiles. He smiles back. He looks as handsome as he has done every other time. He is casually lying across a picnic blanket and as she nears he gets up to greet her. They connect with a warm soft kiss. Possibly the most romantic kiss she has ever experienced. It lingers. Getting more and more passionate. Time begins to stand still. His arms wrap around her. A few more moments pass before he leads her to the blanket. They sit close enough to each other that his fingers are close enough to run over her bare legs. They chat and laugh for a while. It is late in the afternoon and the sun begins to sink. The colours of the sky start changing and put on a light show. The intense pastel of colours cements her feelings in that moment. She leans over to kiss him again and again.

As they become consumed by emotion they forget that they are in an open and public space. It doesn’t seem to matter. Slowly he begins to peel the clothes from her body and she returns the same action toward him. They lay there navigating their hands over each other. The possibility of getting caught is exhilarating. Neither of them wants to stop. He teases her. She pulls him in closer. She wraps her legs around him as he moves on top of her. He teases her more and more. She wants him. Finally he succumbs to her demands and enters through the warmness of her thighs. She gasps. It is probably the risky circumstance or the build up but it doesn’t take long for her to climax.  She tries to hold it in without making a sound but it is near impossible. Her body is tingling all over. She is beaming because she likes to know that he got her there.

Inhaling and exhaling heavily and deeply she tries to control her breathing by slowing it down. On the way to her recovery, she is already planning on what she wants to do next. She pushes him out and away from her back towards the blanket. She quickly finds her clothing and replaces them onto her naked body. She is now safe from the public eye. It doesn’t take as long as she thought it might. Perhaps he was feeling as vulnerable with the open space as she was.

bgadke77 ♥

** Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash