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Canadian Dream

All of my life I dreamt of living in Canada. It seemed like the right thing to do since I was born there and held dual citizenship. It almost felt disrespectful or wasteful if I had the chance and didn’t take advantage of it. My immediate family moved to Australia when I was only four years old.

It wasn’t until I reached the age of 36, became redundant in my job, that I found the courage to actually do it. I left (almost) everyone and everything behind on an adventure that will remain in my heart forever.

On my arrival into Canada, in June 2013, I made a bucket list with all the things I wanted to experience and achieve in my time away. There are almost 60 items on the list (in no particular order) and while not all were accomplished it means that I have something to go back for, right? Don’t forget though, there are a myriad of other things that just “happened”… and it’s all the small parts that make it up to one big wonderful journey.

In September 2014, I reluctantly returned to Australia, however I always know that I can make my way back there again should the burning desire become uncontainable.

The Canadian Bucket List

  1. Visit Fort Edmonton Park – incomplete
  2. Climb a mountain – 12OCT13
  3. Calgary Stampede – 05JUL13
  4. Ride a dog sled – 15 FEB14
  5. Ski or snowboard – 15MAR14
  6. Try cross country skiing – 12JAN14
  7. Visit the Rocky Mountains – 21JUL13*
  8. Go camping – 09AUG13*
  9. See a moose in the wild – 15DEC13
  10. Visit Elk Island National Park – 25JUL13
  11. Go to the zoo – 30JUL13
  12. Experience Halloween – 31OCT13
  13. Watch a beaver in the wild – 01SEP13
  14. Enjoy a white Christmas – 25DEC13
  15. Make snow angels – 09NOV13
  16. Have a Thanksgiving Dinner – 13OCT13
  17. Shovel snow – 05NOV13
  18. See a bear in the wild – 06JUN14
  19. Shop at West Edmonton Mall – 22JUL13*
  20. Go to WEM Waterpark – 01MAR14*
  21. Drive Edmonton to Toronto – incomplete
  22. Eat pancakes, bacon & maple syrup – 09NOV13
  23. Go to an ice hockey game – 23DEC13
  24. Attend a baseball match – 12AUG14
  25. Watch a live grid iron game – incomplete
  26. Try a slurpee – incomplete
  27. Eat an elk/moose burger – 25MAY14
  28. Quit smoking – 01AUG13**
  29. Stay on the lake – 09AUG13
  30. Visit the relatives in Toronto – 10AUG14
  31. Take photos of Niagara Falls – 14AUG14
  32. Experience Canada Day – 01JUL13/14
  33. Ride a horse – 19MAR14 (Iceland)
  34. Go ice fishing – incomplete
  35. Try trout fishing – incomplete
  36. Catch a salmon – incomplete
  37. Catch a long distance train – 08AUG14
  38. Build a snowman – 14DEC13
  39. Drive in the snow – 27OCT13
  40. Soak in a hot tub encircled by snow – 22FEB14
  41. Get Northern Lights photo –  incomplete
  42. Feel -30 degrees celcius – 08DEC13
  43. Walk through Central Park, NY – 17AUG14
  44. Visit Ground Zero, NY – 16AUG14
  45. Stand in Times Square, NY – 15AUG14
  46. Go to the Statue of Liberty – 16AUG14
  47. “Coffee” in New York – 17AUG14
  48. Play Blackjack in Las Vegas – 26AUG14
  49. Admire the Grand Canyon – 29AUG14
  50. Drive a part of Route 66 – 30AUG14
  51. See the Bellagio fountain, Las Vegas – 25AUG14
  52. Get supersized – OMG so much food
  53. Drink beer at the Desert Bar, Arizona – 01AUG14 (almost)
  54. Visit an Amish community – incomplete
  55. Toboggan down a snowy slope – 22DEC13
  56. Get lost in a corn maze – 10AUG13
  57. Make it home to Brisbane – 07SEP14

In addition to this list, I made some really great forever friends and caught up with family. Without all of these very special people, parts of this list could not have been achieved. You are very dear to my heart and I love you and miss you almost every single day.

It’s at times likes these that I wish the world was so much smaller.

bgadke77 ♥


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