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Stepping out into the Sunshine

During late 2014, I was inspired to create my own version of the social media craze #100happydays.

The idea to me was quite motivating and because I like to do things a little differently, I reinvented it. My idea was more about change, growth, focus, being an inspiration to others as well as dealing with and letting go of the past.

A decision I made was to remove the negative energy and replace it with enlightenment and positivity through my words and actions. Courageously, I changed my current way of living to be the person I’ve always seen in myself. I had finally committed to be the one stepping out into the sunshine.

Many of you followed my one hundred day journey via Facebook and Instagram. Your kind words, encouragement, texts and likes showed me that it was working.

Believe me when I say that I am now much stronger and happier than ever before. I actively encourage and support any of you that choose to do something similar to reinvent yourself.

Find some free ideas by searching the hashtag below on instagram. It’s interesting to note, that to date, no-one else has used this tag. It currently still belongs to me. Wink.


bgadke77 ♥

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